This weekend so far…

Well, it’s been pretty eventful. Between getting in touch with an old friend, getting some cute items, helping another friend out with fashion problems, discovering a CREEPY mask, and just hanging out in other people’s towns in general. 😆

Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures to post because I can’t access the ones on my SD Card… So have an old picture instead.



I feel like we should get some things out of the way before I make any other posts.

There are many, many things I regret about my ACNL town. I regret my town name, I regret not having looked for different maps, I regret the face I picked, I regret my house location, I regret most of my villagers’ house spots, I regret my campsite location, I regret a lot of my PWPs… I also regret saying the word “regret” so much that it’s now lost all meaning.

So why haven’t I reset? Because I’ve put a lot of work into my town and I don’t want to lose it all. I have all my favorite rare items, I have a bunch of hard-to-get PWPs and villagers, I have patterns I would lose forever if I reset, etc. etc. But most of all, after putting over 1000 hours into this town…it just means a lot to me.

I stopped trying to make my town look perfect a long time ago. Now I just want to make it a place I can be happy playing in. I’m in the middle of relandscaping my entire town so I can achieve that, but…it’s a slow process. I have a lot of other stuff that takes up my time, and it also doesn’t help that I have random things scattered around my town because I use it to dupe stuff. Basically, don’t expect me to have people over anytime soon. (Though I don’t mind visiting other people’s towns!)

Since I don’t want villagers to move out unexpectedly/play ACNL in spurts, my game is almost two years behind real time. This is why you won’t be seeing snow or anything like that in pictures of my town. And hey, considering I had snow in my town for over a year of real time, I’m really kind of tired of seeing it there by now.

I think ACNL is a great way to be able to express yourself and have fun, and I find it kind of sad that some people don’t think it should be that way. IMO, the important thing about your town is that you are happy with it, not random strangers on the internet. So I don’t care about how developed or undeveloped your town is right now, I just care about who you are as a person.

I think that covers everything for now, so…yeah. If you want more information about me personally, you can check my about page and/or my main blog.