Yet Another Update

This one’s short!

Me: “Hey, Katie’s getting back into ACNL and stuff, and I KIND OF wanted to play on vacation, so I should check ACNL! Especially since I actually have the helpful little piece of paper that tells me what date to go to!”
Me: *goes to play ACNL*
Me: *tries to plot reset AGAIN*
Ganon’s House: *still in the same #$(%*#()%*#$ spot I can’t block off in any way, shape, or form*
Me: “NOPE.”

Anyway, somehow I’ve ended up back at…TOMODACHI LIFE! HARDCORE! Yes, it is possible to play that game hardcore. I’ve spent hours on end trying to get specific clothes from sewing machines and resetting over it. I currently have almost every single item in the game except for the moldy bread, a couple of costumes (which I might end up resetting for), and a bunch of StreetPass items that are honestly too cute and making me seriously consider getting a second TL somehow so I can give myself these things.


What does any of that have to do with ACNL, you ask? Well, usually when I’m playing one game, I’m completely uninterested in the other. So…yeah, it’ll be a while until ACNL updates. And no, I will not be posting about TL on this blog or my main one.

If you want to help speed the process along a little, you could offer feedback! Like, let’s say, would the following plan work?

1. I let Ganon move into the crappy spot he won’t stop trying to move into.
2. I set the clock forward a couple of days.
3. I kick out Ganon in favor of *insert villager I haven’t decided on yet here or possibly a filler villager*.
4. This villager is presumably NOT a complete dick, so they move into one of the spots I like. (This is the step holding me back from going through with this plan. If the other villager keeps moving into that same crappy spot, step 5 becomes “throw my 3DS out the window and scream until my ears start to bleed and my voice gives out”.)
6. I kick out the other villager in favor of Ganon.
7. Since there is no more crappy house spot for Ganon to move into, he is forced to move into one of the two good spots.
8. Everything is all happiness and sunshine and rainbows, and I never have plot resetting problems again because the last villager goes in the other good spot. THE END! 😀

So what do you guys think? Would this work, or would I end up dead inside from the disappointment? Let me know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “Yet Another Update

  1. Haha! I hate when this happens also! A villager had a plot for its house four spaces smack in front of my house. I was like, “whywhywhywhywhywhywhywhyyyy!” I tried to do the plot reset thingy and ended up the villager permanently moving in…Good luck trying to get Ganon to move. I’ve had villagers leave (sooo much of them), but I’ve never succeeded in getting them to move back (or I never wanted to see their faces again).


    • Oh, I can get him back in whenever I want. We have his amiibo. This is why I kicked him out to see if I could get someone else to take one of the good spots instead. The replacement villager…KEEPS MOVING IN THE EXACT SAME CRAPPY SPOT. AGAIN. And that was the point where I just put down my 3DS and walked away. (Whoops, I knew I posted about that on BRD, I guess I forgot to update here, though.)


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