Bearville Rainy Days

What, the name doesn’t sound ACNL-ish? Well, I guess I’d better give you a quick summary of BRD’s history…

Bearville Rainy Days used to be a place to chat about a virtual world called Bearville…but then BV closed. So then it became a place to chat about another virtual site called Fantage…but then Fantage decided to make some very questionable decisions regarding who could use some of its features. Now it’s still a place to chat about those things, but we also have forums for other topics…including ACNL!

If you’re the kind of person who’s sick of other places’ pointless restrictions on things like duping, or if you want rare items for a lower cost, or if you just want to join a friendly, close-knit ACNL community, then Bearville Rainy Days is definitely the place for you! 😉