Am I generic yet?

I wanted to see what the difference was between Photoshop (which I use to edit my ACNL pictures) and waifu2x (which everyone else seems to use to edit THEIR ACNL pictures). So here’s the same picture edited with both.



The blurriness in Photoshop kind of bugs me (and I don’t have the option to sharpen the details since my version isn’t CS/CC), but waifu2x just feels…very blobby. And generic. Like, I’m genuinely worried that if I keep using it, I’ll turn into some basic AC Tumblr blogger who hates caps and adds 39084029834902 kaomojis to every single post.

Also, in the Photoshop version, you can at least tell my shirt has stripes…

Really, though, IDK. They both have their pros and cons. I guess I’ll probably stick to Photoshop for now because it’s more convenient.

And yes, this is the kind of stuff I post when I can’t make much actual landscaping/moving progress.