Another Update (and Venting)

So I’ve officially become one of those bloggers. You know, the ones who post about ACNL, then mysteriously disappear, then magically reappear for all of five seconds.

In my case, though, it’s not really a mystery.

I haven’t been posting because I’ve had nothing to post. I’ve had nothing to post because I more or less ragequit.

You see, plot resetting is hard. It is particularly hard when the person you want to move into your town keeps moving one space away from where you want them. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but I spent a long time preparing this whole residential area, and having a neighbor move one space away screws up the entire thing.

Did I mention that this spot one space away is also where the neighbor who just moved out had their house, so I can’t do ANYTHING about this other than endless plot resetting? 🙂


After many many failed attempts, I decided to take a hiatus from ACNL. This is because I was getting to the point where I wanted to scream IRL, and I don’t think my neighbors would like that.

Oh, and I got a Switch and BotW, meaning I had to unplug my 3DS charger temporarily. I keep meaning to change things around and get a more permanent setup, but I’ve been pretty busy lately. As for BotW, if you want to hear about one particular experience I had, go read about it here.

So that’s what’s been happening with me. Hopefully I’ll find some time to play ACNL during my upcoming vacation, but I don’t know for sure.

If you want non-ACNL content from me, please check out my main blog!


Breakthrough Part 3

It worked! 😀 Now I just need to figure out what kind of path I’m going to put in here…


Also, I’ve gotten my stuff together and finally started moving in some villagers! I have the cards/figures of everyone I’m interested in having move in, so it’s just a matter of getting certain villagers to certain people when they have the room. Of course, now that I’m actually feeling productive, I have to wait a day or two to get everyone moved out… :/

I’m actually very happy with this entire realization, because it’s made me like my house position a whole lot more. The space in front of my house is useful, the peninsula that used to be that random awkward park is now useful, and it just feels like everything is starting to come together in general. So yay! 😀

Breakthrough Part 2

Well, I was in my main town today, and I think the plan I talked about in this post is going to work after all! So now all I have to do is demolish the fountain and benches in that area, put down my path, and start my bridge.

I’m probably going to make it a villager-house-heavy area, but then again, I say that about a lot of parts of my town and yet that never really works out the way I want it to. But hey, I can actually make house plots now, so…?

Oh, yeah. I have to keep putting down patterns. Ugh. I managed to finish maybe half of my town already, but there are still a few spots I’m not really looking forward to. Wish me luck, I guess?


First off, sorry about the lack of posts. I’ve just been busy/trying to set up other towns. 😛

Anyway, like I said, a lot of things in my town leave me kind of unsatisfied. A major thing is the fact I have a bunch of villagers’ houses right behind mine, and the paths in that area are…awkward. Ugh. And because I am overly sentimental, kicking said villagers out isn’t really an option, either.

But when I was thinking about this the other day, I got an idea… What if I didn’t have paths there? What if I built a third bridge by the front of my house, redid my garden, and planted trees in the back? The only problem might be that the trees would cut into the path leading to Jacques’ house, but I guess I could probably work around that.

Oh, yeah, it’d make that weird park area I have (where I now wish I’d put my house) somewhat useful, too. Yay.

I guess we’ll see whether or not this works out. Or maybe I’ll just continue neglecting my main town and using it to dupe stuff! 😀


I feel like we should get some things out of the way before I make any other posts.

There are many, many things I regret about my ACNL town. I regret my town name, I regret not having looked for different maps, I regret the face I picked, I regret my house location, I regret most of my villagers’ house spots, I regret my campsite location, I regret a lot of my PWPs… I also regret saying the word “regret” so much that it’s now lost all meaning.

So why haven’t I reset? Because I’ve put a lot of work into my town and I don’t want to lose it all. I have all my favorite rare items, I have a bunch of hard-to-get PWPs and villagers, I have patterns I would lose forever if I reset, etc. etc. But most of all, after putting over 1000 hours into this town…it just means a lot to me.

I stopped trying to make my town look perfect a long time ago. Now I just want to make it a place I can be happy playing in. I’m in the middle of relandscaping my entire town so I can achieve that, but…it’s a slow process. I have a lot of other stuff that takes up my time, and it also doesn’t help that I have random things scattered around my town because I use it to dupe stuff. Basically, don’t expect me to have people over anytime soon. (Though I don’t mind visiting other people’s towns!)

Since I don’t want villagers to move out unexpectedly/play ACNL in spurts, my game is almost two years behind real time. This is why you won’t be seeing snow or anything like that in pictures of my town. And hey, considering I had snow in my town for over a year of real time, I’m really kind of tired of seeing it there by now.

I think ACNL is a great way to be able to express yourself and have fun, and I find it kind of sad that some people don’t think it should be that way. IMO, the important thing about your town is that you are happy with it, not random strangers on the internet. So I don’t care about how developed or undeveloped your town is right now, I just care about who you are as a person.

I think that covers everything for now, so…yeah. If you want more information about me personally, you can check my about page and/or my main blog.