Yet Another Update

This one’s short!

Me: “Hey, Katie’s getting back into ACNL and stuff, and I KIND OF wanted to play on vacation, so I should check ACNL! Especially since I actually have the helpful little piece of paper that tells me what date to go to!”
Me: *goes to play ACNL*
Me: *tries to plot reset AGAIN*
Ganon’s House: *still in the same #$(%*#()%*#$ spot I can’t block off in any way, shape, or form*
Me: “NOPE.”

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Another Update (and Venting)

So I’ve officially become one of those bloggers. You know, the ones who post about ACNL, then mysteriously disappear, then magically reappear for all of five seconds.

In my case, though, it’s not really a mystery.

I haven’t been posting because I’ve had nothing to post. I’ve had nothing to post because I more or less ragequit.

You see, plot resetting is hard. It is particularly hard when the person you want to move into your town keeps moving one space away from where you want them. This may not seem like a big deal to you, but I spent a long time preparing this whole residential area, and having a neighbor move one space away screws up the entire thing.

Did I mention that this spot one space away is also where the neighbor who just moved out had their house, so I can’t do ANYTHING about this other than endless plot resetting? 🙂


After many many failed attempts, I decided to take a hiatus from ACNL. This is because I was getting to the point where I wanted to scream IRL, and I don’t think my neighbors would like that.

Oh, and I got a Switch and BotW, meaning I had to unplug my 3DS charger temporarily. I keep meaning to change things around and get a more permanent setup, but I’ve been pretty busy lately. As for BotW, if you want to hear about one particular experience I had, go read about it here.

So that’s what’s been happening with me. Hopefully I’ll find some time to play ACNL during my upcoming vacation, but I don’t know for sure.

If you want non-ACNL content from me, please check out my main blog!

Bearville Rainy Days’ 3rd Anniversary Contests!

Interested in winning rare ACNL items, Bells, villagers, and MORE? Well, then, read this post for more information!

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Haven’t been on BRD in a while? Or maybe you haven’t had the chance to join at all? Well, now’s the perfect opportunity to come (back) to BRD!

In honor of its third anniversary, Bearville Rainy Days is holding three massive contests for rare ACNL items, Bells, villagers, custom rank titles, and more! YOU could be one of the seven total lucky prizewinners – and you’ve got a great chance of winning if you get started early! So what are you waiting for? Get recruiting, posting, and writing starting today!

For those unfamiliar with Bearville Rainy Days, we’re a completely drama-free place to talk about games like Bearville, Fantage, Line Play, ACNL, and whatever other things might catch our members’ interests in the future! And if you don’t want to talk about gaming all the time, that’s fine, too! We also have lots of anime and kpop fans. Basically, if you’re…

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